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5 Reasons to Choose ProActivate Services


  1. Talented, motivated, educated, project manager and IT professional with over 23 years hands on critical decision making experience ready to go to work for you!
  2. Speedy, friendly, efficient, confidential service with easy payment options. I offer discounts for certain payment types: cash (3%), check, purchase order with up to NET 30 terms, Paypal (any credit card or bank account can be used through the Paypal network), Bitcoin (10%), barter/trade, discount for charitable organizations (20%).
  3. Local service to Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma and the Coffeyville greater metro area. Project management services with travel or relocation to client site domestically in the US and Internationally.
  4. Located outside the city limits and no sales tax collected on services.
  5. Money spent with me stays in the area and gets recirculated back into the local economy.


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