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I Give You the Pickle!


Ever notice how when you order a sandwich at just about any restaurant, they give you a pickle spear to go with it? It isn't on the menu. You didn't order it. Yet there it is. Curious, no?

That's because a long time ago, delis in the city used the pickle as a palate cleanser between bites, and the idea stuck. Seems the acidity allows you to experience the sharp contrast in flavors and more fully appreciate the taste of your sandwich. In this case, the chef knew more about the food science of their product than the customer. If they put the pickle on the menu as an add on item, nobody would order it but the meal wouldn't taste as good without it.

Here at ProActivate, I have a similar philosophy about the services I provide. I understand that most of my clients don't know (and probably don't want to know!) all the things I do behind the scenes to make my service stand out from the rest. Things like:

  • knowing the lay of the land - knowing how workplaces operate and being able to capitalize on a workplace's culture
  • delivering well researched ideas and executing them
  • being an expert in the field of project management
  • understanding the value of being a mentor and sharing experience and ideas with younger up and comers
  • having a fat Rolodex and cell phone contact list for when specific expertise is needed
  • recognizing the role of politics in the office space and being able to play the game and communicate with everyone from the mail room to the company president
  • keeping your data secure and private and never online where it can be hacked
  • maintaining this web site as a repository and quick reference guide for many project management skills and secrets you won't find anywhere else online
  • respecting your privacy and confidentiality
  • billing you fairly, accurately and regularly and allowing you up to 30 days to pay with no finance charge
  • keeping up with always changing technology
  • contributing to local food bank and charities
  • offering discounted rates for churches and charitable organizations

These are all things you likely wouldn't think about or be willing to pay extra for, but I include them because it's the right thing to do.

In other words, I give you the pickle with your project management sandwich!

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