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10 Rules of Web Site Testing

  1. Test in latest versions of all browsers your target customer may be using including obscure but popular mobile browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer, Edge, Samsung, Opera, iOS, Dolphin, Puffin, Phoenix, InBrowser, Tor, UC Browser, etc.)
  2. Make sure the header is correct for every page (correct HTML version called out in DOCTYPE, Title block filled in correctly, metatags keyword dense and used correctly, Java tags opened and closed correctly.
  3. Test scaling horizontally and vertically in various window and text sizes.
  4. SSL Certificate present and up to date (Chrome now gives a warning for every site that does not have a current certificate); login and payment information encrypted, database secure.
  5. Perl/CGI/Java/Flash up to date for current standards and modules installed on server, in correct directory w/ images.
  6. Email forms working going to correct addresses.
  7. Registrar has correct domain name, nameservers updated and aliases resolve correctly.
  8. Local DNS servers configured correctly including any MX records or email passthrough configurations
  9. Spell check, content check, image check.
  10. Marketing message clear, user feedback incorporated.
  11. robots.txt file configured correctly and present in root. Web owners use the robots.txt file to give instructions to Spider Bots (automated crawlers or wanderers used by search engines and spammers alike) about which areas of the site (directory structures) can should be searchable using the Robots Exclusion Protocol.

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